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High-precision AC DC Ammeter DLB-1000B

The DLB-1000B High-precision AC DC Ammeter is an AC/DC high current meter that utilizes AC/DC current comparator technology and has high accuracy. It is mainly used for precise measurement of AC/DC high current and calibration of high current meters.

Technical Specification

Environmental conditions


5 ℃ -40 ℃

Relative humidity

<80% (25 ℃)


≤ 1500 meters

Power frequency

50HZ ± 0.5HZ

External interference

No vibration, strong electricity, or magnetic field interference.

Accuracy: (calibration temperature 20 ± 1 ℃, temperature coefficient better than 10ppm/° C)

Meter display

DC 0.02% × Reading+0.004% × Fullness

AC 0.05% × Reading+0.025% × Fullness

Secondary voltage output(backup function)

DC 0.02% × Reading+0.004% × Fullness

Instrument consumption power


Boundary dimension

180×180×380mm, 7.5Kg

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