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Battery Discharge Tester HY3980

The instrument is designed specifically for battery packs for checking discharge experiment, capacity tests, battery pack routine maintenance, project acceptance, and other DC power load capacity tests. The power consumption of the instrument use the new PTC ceramic resistance as a discharge load, completely avoid the red hot phenomenon, safe, reliable and no pollution. 

Technical Specification
CharacteristicsTechnical parameters
The whole set of voltage measurement range0~300V
The whole set of voltage resolution 0.01V
Voltage test accuracy0.25%+0.25FS
Discharge current operating range2~200A continuously setting
Constant current discharge voltage range10~300V
Discharge current control accuracy0.1A
Current test accuracy0.5%+0.5FS
Operating voltageAC 220V±15%(DC and AC-DC optional)
Cooling methodStrong wind and cold system
Communication methodRS232 communication and SD bayonet communication
Display7 inch color LCD display with touch

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