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Oil Moisture tester HYWS3000

HYWS3000 micro moisture meter is a new development of the determination of trace water analysis instrument. It uses high resolution color touch LCD display, which is intuitive and easy to operate. The instrument adopts Karl Fisher coulomb titration method, which can reliably determine trace moisture in liquid, gas and solid samples. It is an efficient, fully automated analytical instrument. The instrument is widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, railway, environmental protection, scientific research institutions and other industries.

Technical Specification
Drop formulaelectric quantity titration (Coulomb analysis)
Range 100mg ~ 0ug (10ug ~ 100ug)
Accuracy100ug + 3UG, 500ug + 3% (no error, environmental humidity error)
Test sample typesolid, liquid, gas
Display formula64K color high definition touch monitor
Data storage1000 test records
Stir mixing speedsliding touch panel speed control
Time periodten years of normal operation of power down time
Printermicro thermal printer, paper width 56mm
Power source220V 10V + AC, 50Hz + 2.5Hz
Work rate50VA
Using ambient temperature5 ~ 35
The use of environmental humidityless than 85%
Size260mm X 220mm 330mm (length x width x height)

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