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Open-Cup Flash Point Auto-Tester HYKK3000

The Open-Cup Flash Point Auto-Tester HYKK3000 adopts electric ignition mode, without any flammable gas, and fully complies with ASTM D92 (GB3536-2008) and GB267-88 methods. The function and performance of the flash point measuring instrument are up to the highest standards at home and abroad. It can replace the special equipment imported from petroleum, electric power, chemical industry, commodity inspection and other industries.

Technical Specification

Re: GB3536-2008 (D92 ASTM), 267-88 GB/T

Detection typeflash point or light
Temperature testplatinum resistance
Quasi accuracy1
Display devicecolor liquid crystal display
Information storage500 measurement results can be stored
Ignition modeelectric ignition
Cooling methodforced air cooling
Printerdot matrix printer
Self check functionlift rod, stroke, print, etc.
Powerless than 600VA
Power supply220V + 11V,  50Hz 2.5Hz 
Ambient temperature10℃--35℃
Ambient humidity≤90%
Weightabout 17kg

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