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Winding Resistance Tester HYZC-2A

The HYZC-2A type winding resistance tester (micro-ohmmeter) is a high precision new generation product that can replace DC Wheatstone Bridge and double-arm Bridge. The device adopts the advanced starting power constant current source technology, uses four digit and half LCD display value and three digit and half LCD displays the ambient temperature or test current value, it overcomes the shortcoming that the LED display ambient value reading of other similar product is not convenient to read under the sun, at the same time it has the automatic arc extinguishing function. 

Technical Specification

1. Using condition:

    Ambient temperature: 0℃--40℃

    Relative humidty: ≤85%RH

2. Measuring scope: 1uΩ—20mΩ; 20--200mΩ; 0.2Ω--2Ω; 20Ω--200Ω; 200Ω—2kΩ; 2kΩ-20 kΩ;20 kΩ-200 kΩ

3. Measuring precision: 0.5 grades 

4. Resolution: 1μΩ

5. Constant current source: 2A 

6. Working voltage:

    DC11V~14V (the lead-acid chargeable cell set), capacity1.2Ah.

    AC 220V

7. Power consumption: ≤15W

8. Exterior dimension: 335×275×175mm3

9. Weight: 2.8kg.

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