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Frequency Response Analyzer HYRZ-902

Our company has designed the frequency response analyzer, which can accurately draw the frequency response curve. By measuring the horizontal and vertical contrast of the curve, the deformation of the transformer can be detected  accurately.

Technical Specification

1  Different sweep modes

Linear sweep

10HZ-1MHZ      interval  0.5KHZ    2001 dots (conform to DL/T911 2016)

10HZ-1MHZ      interval  0.25KHZ   4001 dotsPC available(conform to DL/T911 2016)

100HZ-2MHZ      interval  0.25KHZ   4001 dotsPC available

Initial FrequencyintervalScan Dots can be setPC available


Section sweep: (conform to DL/T911 2016)

10HZ-20HZ          interval  1HZ       11 dots 

20HZ-100HZ          interval  2HZ       40 dots

100HZ -1KHZ          interval  3HZ     300 dots

1KHZ-10KHZ        interval  20KHZ    450 dots

10KHZ –100KHZ      interval  0.3KHZ    300 dots

100KHZ – 1000KHZ     interval  1KHZ     900 dots


Section sweep: (conform to IEC60076-18:2012)

20HZ-100HZ          interval  2HZ       40 dots

100HZ -1KHZ          interval  2HZ     450 dots

1KHZ-10KHZ          interval  20HZ    450 dots

10KHZ –100KHZ       interval  0.2KHZ    450 dots

100KHZ – 1000KHZ     interval  2.5KHZ     360 dots

1000KHZ – 2000KHZ     interval  4KHZ     250 dots


2  Test range(-100dB - +20dB

3  Test accuracy(-40dB - +20dB0.2dB

(-60dB - -40dB0.5dB 

(-80dB - -60dB1.0dB

4  Frequency accuracy<0.01%

5  Signal input impedance>1M Ω(Connected according to DL/T911 2016);

6  Signal output impedance50 Ω;

7  Repeat test99.5%

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