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Double Channel Winding Resistance Tester HYZC-20

There are six DC currents to select for HYZCD-20. Using four or six wires, it is quick、stable、high precision for testing the winding resistance.  In addition, it has strong anti-interference, over-current, over-voltage and discharge capabilities.  The safety is also very high, and it is an ideal device for testing various resistances, especially sensitive instruments.

Technical Specification

1. Resistance precision:±(0.2%RGD+2d) the least scale:0.1uΩ
2. Test range:1.000Ω -1000Ω (20mA)
100.0mΩ-100.0Ω (200mA)
10.00mΩ-10.00Ω (2A)
4.000mΩ-4.000Ω (5A)
2.000mΩ-2.000Ω (10A)
1.000mΩ-1.000Ω (20A) 
3. Output current precision:±5%
4. Two hundred groups of data can be stored
5. With thermal printer to print the test data
6. Weight:10KG
7. Power supply:AC220V±10%,(50±1)HZ 
8. Operation condition:-10~50℃  Humidity <90% No condensation。

Product Certificates

Calibration certificate of Double Channel Winding Resistance Tester HYZC-20 issued by Hubei Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology

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