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Frequency Response Analyzer HYRZ-903

Our company has designed the frequency response analyzer HYRZ-903, which can use two methods to detect the deformation of the transformer at the same time. One is the sweep frequency response analysis method, the other is low-voltage short-circuit impedance method. Using two methods can effectively reduce incorrect judgments. The tester, follow the national power industry standards DL / T911-2004 and DLT 1093-2008, and can be used for IEC60076-18-2012 and IEC60076-5-2006. 

Technical Specification

Sweep frequency response:

1, Two different sweep modes: Linear sweep,Section sweep;

      Linear sweep:

     10HZ-1MHZ       interval 0.5KHZ     2000 dots

      100HZ-2MHZ       interval 0.5KHZ     2000 dots

     10HZ-1MHZ       interval 0.25KHZ    4000 dots(PC available)

      100KHZ-2MHZ       interval 0.25KHZ   4000 dots(PC available)

      Frequency,interval,and scan dots can be set(PC available)

      Section sweep:

      10HZ-100HZ          interval  1HZ       90 dots 

      100HZ-1KHZ          interval  5HZ       180 dots

      1KHZ -10KHZ          interval  50HZ     180 dots

      10KHZ-100KHZ        interval  0.2KHZ    450 dots

      100KHZ –300KHZ      interval  0.5KHZ    400 dots

      300KHZ – 1000KHZ     interval  1KHZ     700 dots

2, Test range:(-100dB) - (+20dB)

3, Test accuracy:(-80dB) - (+20dB)0.2dB  (-100dB) - (-80dB)1.0dB;

4, Frequency accuracy:< 0.01%;

5, Signal input impedance:> 1M Ω;

6, Signal output impedance:50 Ω;

7, In-phase test repetition rate:99.5%;

Short-circuit impedance and generator rotor AC impedance:

1,AC impedance 0~999.999Ω 0.2%±2 digits

2,AC voltage 0~600V 0.2%±2 digits

3,AC ampere 0~120A 0.2%±2 digits

4,Active power cosφ>0.1  0.5%±2 digits

                           cosφ<0.1  1.0%±2 digits

      Reactive power 0.2%±2 digits

5,Frequency    45~65HZ 0.1%


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