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MOA Characteristic Tester HYBL-106

The MOA characteristic tester is used for the measurement and analysis of metal oxide arrester [MOA] leakage. It is mainly used to measure resistive current and 3 to 7 harmonic currents to analyze the degree of zinc oxide aging and damp.  It is a special instrument for detecting various AC electrical parameters in the operation of zinc oxide arrester. It can also be used for laboratory and acceptance tests. The field charged test shall conform to Electric Power Industry Standard of the People's Republic of China DL474.5-92 Guide for Insulation Test on Site - Lightning Arrester Tests.

Technical Specification

Range of reference voltage input (peak):                 20V-250V ±(reading´2% + 5words)

Measurement range of full leakage current (peak): 100uA-10mA ±(reading´2% + 5words)

Measurement range of resistive current (peak):      100uA-10mA ±(reading´2% + 5words) (secondary method without interphase interference)

Measurement range of capacitive current (peak):   100uA-10mA ±(reading´2% + 5words)

Current harmonic measurement accuracy:              ± (reading × 10% + 10uA)

Current channel input resistance:                            ≤ 2Ω

Electric field strength input range:                           30kV/m~300kV/m, total harmonic content <30%

Electric field strength measurement accuracy:       ± (reading × 10%)

Measurement range of angle:                                 0℃-360℃

Power consumption:                                               4W

Power supply:                                                         DC12V

Lithium battery capacity:                                        10000mAh

Wireless transmission distance:                             400M

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