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MOA Characteristic Tester HYBL-II

The MOA characteristic tester is used for the measurement and analysis of metal oxide arrester [MOA] leakage. It is mainly used for measuring the resistive current to analyze the degree of zinc oxide aging and damp. It complies with the Electric Power Industry Standard of the People's Republic of China DL474.5-92 Guide for Insulation Test on Site - Lightning Arrester Tests. The tester can be also used for factory and acceptance tests.

Technical Specification

Range of reference voltage input (peak):                             10V-200V

Measurement range of full leakage current (peak):              100uA-10mA

Measurement range of resistive current (peak):                   100uA-10mA

Measurement range of capacitive current (peak):                100uA-10mA

Measurement range of angle:                                               0℃-90℃

Power consumption:                                                             4W

System measurement accuracy:                                          ± (reading´5% + 5 words) (not more than 2mA for harmonic current)

AC power supply:                                                                 AC 220V ±10%,50Hz ±1%

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