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Relay tester HYJB-PC6

The tester not only tests the traditional relays and protectors, but also tests the modern micro computer replays, special for transformer differential protection and transfer equipments. It’s easy and fast to operate. The stability of the accuracy has been greatly improved.

Technical Specification

Setting RangePowerGeneral
Current Generators 6-phase       ac(L-N)    6*0…30A6-phase       ac     6*260VA/WAccuracy      <0.2% typical
3-phase       ac(L-N)    3*0…60A3-phase       ac     3*400VA/WDistortion       ≤ 0.5%guaranteed
1-phase       ac(L-N)   1*0…180A1-phase       ac     1*1080VA/WResolution     1mA
6-phase       dc(L-N)   6*0…10A6-phase       dc     6*180VA/W
3-phase       dc(L-N)   3*0…20A3-phase       dc     3*320VA/W
1-phase       dc(L-N)   1*0…60A1-phase       dc     1*780VA/W
Voltage Generators6-phase       ac(L-N)   6*0…120V6-phase       ac     6*70VAAccuracy          <0.2%typical
6-phase       ac(L-L)    0…240V6-phase       ac     3*140VADistortion           ≤ 0.5%typical
6-phase       dc(L-N)   6*0…160V6-phase       dc     6*80WResolution          4.0mV
6-phase       dc(L-L)    0…320V    6-phase       dc     3*160W
Generator, generalFrequency range

Sine signal                      DC…1000HzTransient signal            DC…3000Hz
Frequency accuracy       0.01%Frequency resolution    0.01Hz
Phase angle range         -360…+360Phase angle accuracy  0.1
Digital Input and
Digital inputDigital outputGeneral
Number                         10Type                        Free relay contactNominal supply voltage        240Vac
Input characteristic       10-250VDC or
free contact
Number                   8Permissible supply voltage   220-264Vac
Time resolution             1msBreak capacity ac   0.5A,250VNominal frequency                50/60Hz
Max. measuring time    9999sBreak capacity dc   0.5A,60VdcPermissible frequency           45-65Hz

Operating temperature           -5…+50℃
Volume & Weight420×360×210mm³,<19kg

Product Certificates

Calibration certificate of Relay tester HYJB-PC6 issued by Hubei Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology

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