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Wireless High and Low Voltage Phase Checking Instrument HYEC-10

HYEC-10, is an intelligent phase checking meter. Contact phase checking method and non-contact phase checking method are uesd in the meter. The non-contact phase checking method avoids direct contact with the high voltage wire, so it is safer! The phase checking instrument can also function as high-voltage electroscope, high-pressure phase meter and high-pressure phase sequence meter, which can be used for testing electricity, phase sequence test, transformer group judgment and so on.

Technical Specification


Wireless high and low voltage voice phase checking; frequency, phase, phase sequence, electroscope test

Power source 

DC 3.7V chargeable lithium battery, USB charging portal, working continuously for 10h

Transmission method

315MHz and 433MHz wireless transmission

Phase checking distance

About 1600m, the distance of phase checking divided into long distance mode (about 1600m) and short distance mode (about 150m) which are switchable (details shown in Basic operations)

Display mode

3.5-inch true color LCD display

Measurement range

Phase checking voltage level: AC 10V~550kV

Phase: 0.0°~360.0°

Frequency: 45Hz~75Hz


0.1°; 0.1Hz


Phase: ≤±10° (23℃±5℃, below 80%RH)

Frequency: ≤±2Hz (23℃±5℃, below 80%RH)

Phase judge

In phase:-30°~30°; out of phase: 90°~150° and 210°~270°

Voice function

Voice such as in phase, out of phase, X signal normal, Y signal normal, etc.

Size of insulation rod

About 5m long after extended; about 1m long after drawn back (5 nodes)

Data storage

9999 sets

checking method

Contact phase checking: When the bare wire voltage is less than 35kV, or less than 110kV with a safety insulation sheath wire, adopt contact phase checking. (operating with an insulation rod)

Noncontact phase checking: When the bare wire voltage is more than 35kV, or more than 110kV with a safety insulation sheath wire, adopt noncontact phase checking. (operating with an insulation rod)

Electric indicator

Detector sends out buzz like "beep - beep -beep"

Gear shift

Automatic gear shifting

Sample frequency

2 times/s

Instrument size

Detector: length width and thickness 145mm×60mm×48mm

Receiver: length width and thickness 250mm×100mm×40mm


Press Up or Down Arrow button to adjust the backlight luminance


Detector automatically   increases or decreases the signal amplification factor according to the intensity of the electric field, facilitating the phase checking in a place of intensive lines


Press HOLD button under testing mode to maintain the data, and then press HOLD button again to cancel the maintenance

Exit function

Press ESC button to exit from current interface and return to the upper directory


Press ENTER to determine data reference mode, and press Arrow button to refer to all the stored data

No-signal indicator

When the receiver does not receive the transmission signal, it dynamically displays “----” symbol

Automatic shutdown

About 15mins after startup, the instrument will be automatically shut down to reduce battery consumption

Battery voltage

When the battery voltage is lower than 3.2V:
Detector: the power indicator flashes   slowly to promote charging the battery;
Receiver: the low battery voltage symbol will be displayed to promote charging the battery


Detector: 35mA max; Receiver: 300mA max


Detector: 205g (including battery)

Receiver: 395g (including battery)

Insulation rod: 1.45kg

Total mass: 9.8kg (including instrument box)

humidity and temperature

-10℃~40℃; below 80%Rh

Storage humidity and temperature

-10℃~60℃; below 70%Rh


No extra strong electromagnetic field; no interference from other 433MHz or 315MHz signals

Insulation intensity

Insulation rod: AC 110kV/rms (between both ends after 5 nodes of insulation rod are totally extended)

Detector: 2000V/rms (between both ends of outer shell)

Receiver: 2000V/rms (between both ends of outer shell)


Anti-dripping Type II and IP63

Safety rules of satisfaction

Satisfy GB13398-92, GB311.1-311.6-8, 3DL408-91 standards and the newly promulgated power industry standard of the state General technical condition DL/T971-2005 for 1kV ~ 35kV portable phase checking device for live work

Satisfy IEC61481-A2: 2004; IEC 61243-1 ed.2: 2003 standards

Service commitment