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an order for 6 sets of Insulating Oil Tester HYYJ-501 have been packed

Time:2021-05-07 Number:19

Not long ago, our customer placed an order for 6 sets of Insulating Oil Tester HYYJ-501, which have been packed and arranged for shipment.
The insulating oil tester HYYJ-501 is developed according to the national standard GB-86 "Insulation oil dielectric strength measurement method". The built-in EEPROM memory can save up to 100 sets of test data and results. The micro-printer can print the test results at any time. The tester is easy to operate, powerful, stable and reliable, and it has excellent anti-interference ability. No crash occurred during the test.

The testers has the following features:

1. High stability and long service life

2. The test process is fully compliant with the requirements of IEC60156 and GB/T 507 standards.
3 . All aspects of the test process can be set, and the test accuracy is high.