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Circuit Breaker Analyzer HYGK-303

The HYGK-303 circuit breaker analyzer is our company's special_purpose instrument designed to meet the need of testing high_voltage switches . It takes the micro controller unit(MCU) as core to sample, process and then output. The main characteristic is that it's operated in Chinese. It has many advantages such as intelligence, multi-function, accurate data, strong anti-jamming, easy operation, small size, beautiful appearance, etc. It can test the switches as follows: indoors or outdoors switches with less oil or more oil, vacuum switches, SF6 switches and so on.

Technical Specification

1. Time measurement

    Number of contacts to be measured :≤12

    Range of the set time during the measuring course : 0 to 6 seconds

2. Test of clearance between two open contacts, overtravel, springing magnitude

    Range: <1000mm resolution:1mm

3. Error of measure

    Error of time measured : ±1%
    Error of clearance measured : ±1%

4. Operating conditions

    Power supply: AC220V±10%

    Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ

    Power cost: ≤60W

    Temperature of using environment: 0~40℃
    Humidity of using environment: ≤90%RH
    Size: 400mm*350mm*200mm

    Weight: 7kg

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