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Circuit Breaker Analyzer HYGK-306

The Circuit Breaker Tester HYGK-306 is my company designed to meet the need of testing high-voltage circuit breakers . It takes the ARM7 unit for core to sample, process and then output. The main characteristic is that it's operated in alt. It has many advantages such as intelligence, multi-function, accurate data, strong anti-jamming, easy operation, small size, beautiful appearance, etc; It can test the circuit breakers as follows: indoors or outdoors circuit breakers with less oil or more oil, vacuum circuit breakers, SF6 circuit breakers and so on.

Technical Specification


     Simultaneity measure Contacts:≤12


     Resolution ratio:0.01ms


     Range:<  250mm

     Resolution ratio:0.01mm 


     Time measure error:±0.1%

     Travel measure error:±1mm 

4、Speed measure range:0—20m/s

5.Internal Power

     Output Voltage:20V—265V  error:1%

6.Operating conditions

     Operating voltage:AC220V±10 %


     Power dissipation:≤60w

     Ambient temperature:0~40°C

     Ambient humidity:≤90%RH

     Bulk:400´350´200  mm3     weight:7kg

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